the last four days i have been in bogota the capital of colombia. here i enjoyed trying out new food every day for example hot chocolate with cheese (not really my thing) or the local soup made from three different types of potato with capers and chicken. but the typical dish here is a bowl of beans with rice, avocado and crunchy meet or sausage on the side. also crafts beer has become a thing here and i gave my best to try them all. party and salsa is fun here but probably medellin and cali have a lot of nightlife to over as well. culture wise the city has a great street art scene with graffiti as a form of protest against social injustice and violence. the gold museum here exhibits a wide range of old craftwork from all regions in colombia. another main attraction is the monserrate mountain (3.150m) with a church on top and a great view over the city if its not to cloudy as most of the time. now i will let a few pictures speak for themselves. hope you like them and i will have good enough internet to upload weekly. otherwise just check my instagram. yours johannes


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